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About us and what makes us different

About us

O'gayar Consulting is focused on data analysis and creation of information systems. Since 2009 we have been helping companies and organizations to know their reality and model their future.

Explanatory & Predictive Models

The data analysis focuses on identifying which variables can influence the behavior of the target variable and be able to model their behavior by creating predictive models from the explanatory ones.

Areas and sectors in which we work

Since 2009 we have been working in the area of productivity & HR, collaborating with the most relevant professional law firms. For years we have developed our knowledge in sectors such as Retail, Industry, Logistics & Transport, Health and Aeronautics.

The exclusivity of a Boutique

What makes us different? Our focus! At O'gayar we know that the way for our clients to reach their goals it is to share the knowledge, to accompany them in their effort and to focus on them; developing High Performance Groups in your Organization. Our focus is dedication, recognition and exclusivity in dealing with customers.

"If you do not know how to solve a problem, change your focus!"



Powerful IT tools analyze variables of interest to our clients, creating Information Systems that collect, organize and store data of diverse origins, developing relevant information that can advise on decision making.


The power to predict individual or collective behavior based on the analysis of variables and mathematical models that help reduce aspects of uncertainty about behavior individual or collective behavioral Psychology and Mathematics united with a specific objective.


Software engineering tailored to our customers that allows them to automate data capture, analysis and interpretation on powerful, intuitive platforms and easy to adapt to your environment.


Algorithms created to accurately define productivity models; formulas that allow know what is really your productive scheme, how your productivity is affected by the different variables that affect it (machines, personnel, market, ...) and; especially, Determine where your risks are and where your opportunities stand out from the competition.


R&D Areas

Knowledge and real application


Data Strategy

  • How you should create a Data Strategy?. Evelope data in useful information must be aligned whit the business strategy. More difficult is define How & When

Law & Data 5.0

  • The technological fusion of established legal frameworks. A vision of the future of the Law and the analysis of data.

Fruit Attraction

  • Productivity, monitoring of machinery and workers in the agri-food sector.
  • The Best Tech in a difficult environment.


More than a MES
  • Productivity, monitoring of workers and assets in the industry.
  • A control beyond a simple MES.

MRO Smart Analisys

Airworthiness Maintenance
  • Control of jobs and predictive maintenance models for one of the most demanding sectors in the world.


Social Behaviour Prediction
  • What moves a person to buy a perfume? And to a collective to vote for a political party? Psychology, mathematics and statistics united in Explanatory and predictive models of individual and collective behavior.


Predictive Asset Maintenance
  • Monitoring of productive assets and implementation of explanatory and predictive statistical models on faults of machinery and its components. Risk of failure by association between components of the productive team.

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News and related posts

We are proud to announce that Ogayar Co. has been nominated for the FT Innovative Lawyers Europe 2018 Awards of the Financial Times for a proposal presented together with the Cuatrecasas law firm. The proposal shows how new technologies such as Big Data are applied to the labor framework and the improvement of productive efficiency and how law firms can help their clients in Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

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We are proud to communicate that O'gayar Consulting has been proclaimed by Financial Times winner of the "Innovation in Collaboration" award, thanks to the work developed together with Cuatrecasas in which the analysis of data is combined with legal knowledge. Many thanks to the organizers of the evening, to Cuatrecasas for their great work and, of course, to the team of O'gayar Consulting for such an intense year.

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After reading several articles that have appeared in the press and social networks about the evolution that absenteeism is having, we have decided to rescue the notes of some work sessions with Cuatrecasas Valencia and Umivale in relation to absenteeism, what originates it and what measures could be taken in companies to reduce it. We present here a brief summary of these study and collaboration sessions.

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